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Introducing the first fish protein shot in the world



Sounds fishy but tastes great


5 simple ingredients 

Ingredients are carefully selected for the best effect. We've put in a lot of effort to make it the right way for you to enjoy. Super compact and convenient.

60 calories 

SKINNY FISH™ contains only the essential calories from protein. For people who only want the essentials not the extra calories, carbs or liquid.   

0 sugars  

SKINNY FISH™ doesn’t contain any carbs or sugars. Ideal if you are on a paleo or low carb diet. 


15 g protein 

SKINNY FISH™ contains 15 grams of fish-based proteins. Just the exact amout we found worked the best and fastest. Drink it in seconds. 

natural taste 

SKINNY FISH™ has a great pleasant mild refreshing taste. We only use natural taste with absolutely no fishy taste. 

0 sweeteners 

SKINNY FISH™ is unsweetend. We didn’t add any sweeteners. 

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Step 1 

Simply choose the number of bottles you want each month 12, 24 or 48 bottles. 

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Step 2 

In the first week of every month we will ship the bottles directly to you. Your card will get charged on the 1st of the month. Cancel anytime!


Step 3

The bottles will get shipped directly to you every month. You never need to worry about running out of fish protein. If you want a good protein, get fish protein!

"Did you know that the word protein came from the sea? In Greek mythology, the father of the sea was called Proteus. The word protein was coined by a Swedish chemist and originally came from Proteus, the father of the sea, which means “of the first rank and primary importance.” That’s our goal at Skinny Fish - to create proteins of the very first rank from the sea where the word protein originally came from. Skinny Fish is inspired by the power and beauty of the ocean - and of Swedish origin."

Skinny Fish is a protein shot in a small shot drink that's solely based on fish based proteins. Naturally loaded with proteins of highest potency in just the right amount. Based on the Swedish philosophy, “lagom” means just the right amount - not too much and not too little.

Maybe you eat/drink too little fish like we do and consume too much dairy products. It’s never good to lose balance! Fish is much more the just fish oils. Fish protein is much more powerful than people think.

SKINNY FISH could be consumed anytime during the day. Many prefer to use it in the morning on a empty stomach, while others prefer to take it in the evening. Mostly for aesthetic reasons. People who are very active in the gym and are focused on sports performance and recovery prefer either taking it before going to the gym/box/sports or after.

SKINNY FISH is sold exclusively online to keep quality on top and costs as low as possible. From time to time, we do some testing of the product in different places.

The bottle we use for SKINNY FISH are the same as used for baby bottles to be safe. We use these bottles since they are lightweight and safe to use, which cuts down on the shipping weight and put less strain on the environment. Our bottles don’t break and are not heavy like glass bottles. If they are safe enough for babies, they must be safe enough for grown-ups.

Just as Pablo Picasso use the fish as a symbol of different flavours in his art. The taste of Skinny Fish is a palette of different natural tastes combined in a way never experienced before in a drink. One thing is for sure: SKINNY FISH™ has no fishy taste. 

We normally ship during the first week of the month. So expect 5-15 business days to recive the parcel dependig on location.

We guarantee your satisfaction or your money back. If you regret your purchase you could return the parcel within 30 days of reciving the pacel for a full refund. You are responsible for the shipping. If you don’t pickup the parcel or refuse take the parcel it's not automatically seen as a regret for purchase. We need to get notifed within 30 days to get a refund we don’t refund shipping costs. To get a refund please include a note why you want to return the product in the parcel and your name and adress so we could do a refund.

If you live inside the EU no customs or fees need to be paid. Countries outside the EU could be subject to import tax and fees. Contact local cutoms what sort tax is applied in your country. You are resposible for any import duties. 

SKINNY FISH only contains naturally occuring amino acids. Contains no artifical amino acids - only what fish naturally provide. The amino acid structure is a bit different in fish when you compared it to other protein sources. That’s why we belive not all protein sources are created equal. 

No, SKINNY FISH contains no dairy ingredients like whey protein, milk protein, caseine, or milk. So it’s safe if you are lactose intolerant. The production line don’t even handle dairy only SKINNY FISH™.

SKINNY FISH is like a fine wine - it changes over time. From the day SKINNY FISH gets produced, it taste better as it needs some time to mature. Since the taste is natural, it matures, so it may experince subtle changes over time. The taste and texture may vary if you drink it cold or drink it directly at room temperature.

Shipping and handling: 5 € (Sweden, Denmark, Finland, England, Spain, Greece, Ireland, Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Romania, Portugal, Poland, Czech republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovenia, Slovakia)

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You could cancel anytime you want. Simply log into the “members” to cancel your subscribtion. Subscribtions need to be cancelled before the 15th of the month else you will receive the next montly shipment. If you cancel before that date, you won’t receive the next monthly shipment.

Do you want to skip a month? Simply login to the “members" section this has to be done before the 15th of the month if you want to skip the next shipment.





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