The Skinny on HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)  


Long cardio workout may simply increases your appetite. After a long cardio workout you feel more hungry and have increased appetite later in the day which isn’t desirable if you want to reach your goals the most efficient way possible. Plus you end up spending endless hours in the gym. HIIT with a short burst of very intense training is very effective. Don’t mistake HIIT with interval training it’s a huge difference. HIIT is 10-20 seconds full throttle training like your life depends on it. 30-90 seconds break until the heart rate comes down before start all-over again. Repeat this for 8-10 rounds. If you do it right when you are done you wouldn’t be able to do more you are “really done". Many mistakenly think HIIT is something you do for longer periods like 30 seconds on and 30 seconds off for more than 30 min that’s nothing to do with HIIT. Remeber to recover between HIIT workouts it puts a lot of stress on the whole system. So it’s not advised to do every day at least have an off day between HIIT workouts. Just as with strength training your metabolism increase long after your workouts. After HIIT your metabolism is increased well beyond 24 hours.

The perfect workout if you want to be fit as a fish. The more advanced you get the more effort you can put into each workout. As a beginner take it a little slower depending on your conditioning since it a hard workout and you might not start out this way but work your way. Remember to compete with yourself just get a little better by improving from workout to workout.

If you use this type of workout remember to warm up if you don’t complete it right after your weight training workout. If you use it as your main workout warmup 3-5 min to get puls up.

The types of activity we recommend for HIIT are the following: Assult Air Bikes, non-motorized treadmills, rowing machines, battle ropes, prowlers, jump box, TRX or bodyweight exercises like burpees etc.

As you get more advanced and better conditioned we also recommend Tabata in which rest is even shorter yet even more intense. Just as with strength training the more advanced you get the less you need to do since you can put all you got into it.