The Skinny on Tabata  


Tabata is named after the doctor by the same name from Japan. Later Tabata got popularized as one of the shortest, most intense and most effective workouts on the planet.

Why Tabata is more advanced than HIIT
We believe Tabata is more advanced than HIIT since rests are shorter and put more stress on the cardiovascular system but only for a short period.

It’s like super intense weight training an advanced person would be able to give it their all in one set but many times circumstances are not ideal to crank out everything you got and then some. So many times 2 sets and would still produce great results. Same goes with Tabata in perfect conditions all-out effort for 4 minutes should be enough and you would improve your conditioning it’s not uncommon to do “an extra circuit” or two still with great results. Key is not to overdo it and try to keep up for 30-45 min since it’s not realistic if you are giving it your all. That’s what you do when you do low impact cardio you can train much longer.

Tabata consists of 10-20 seconds exercise very intense all-out everything you got kind of intensity and then a break for 10-20 seconds repeated for a total of 8 rounds. Each interval takes 30 seconds including the break. So if you exercise for 20 seconds the break will be 10 seconds. If you exercise for 10 seconds the break will be 20 seconds. You simply complete as many reps of each exercise as possible. It’s important to do a warmup before starting generally we recommend 3-5 min warmup. If Tabata is done right put enormous effort into the whole system.

Why Tabata for 30 min is pure bullshit
It’s not uncommon to see 30-45 min Tabata workouts online or in the gym getting offered it has absolutely nothing to do with Tabata. If you do it right you are done in 4 minutes and wouldn’t be able to continue 30-45 min if you can last so long you are not doing it right. You are simply saving energy and intensity for the later rounds. Done right it’s really hard and intense. Those that say they can do a Tabata for 45 min is like saying I’m doing a 100 meters sprint for a complete 42,2 km marathon make absolutely no sense. It just sounds good!

The types of activity we recommend for Tabata are the following: TRX, Assult air bikes, non-motorized treadmills, rowing machines, battle rope, jump box or bodyweight exercises like burpees, etc. Try to change it up. 

Tabata lets you get in tip-top condition in no time ideal when you are busy and traveling. Your conditioning improves, your metabolism increases long after the workout is completed. Don’t underestimate Tabata just because it only takes 4 minutes. It’s not who spends the most time in the gym who gets the most fit it’s those who train and eat smartly and consistently over long periods who do.

The perfect workout if you want to be fit as a fish. The more advanced you get the more effort you can put into each training. As a beginner take it a little slower depending on your conditioning since it's a hard workout and you might not start with Tabata since it’s very intense. For beginners, we recommend HIIT still intense but not as intense. Since you spread it over a longer period and get more rest between intervals. Recommended due to the high intensity to do it no more than every other day.

Just as with strength training the more advanced you get less you need to do since you can give it all you got. Remember to compete with yourself and become a little better each workout.